• Estelle dining chair

    Estelle dining chair

    The Estelle Chairs elegant, sculptural form provides superior comfort, while eliminating extraneous structural elements typical to most chair designs, resulting in a pure modern ae… $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • X back dining chair

    X back dining chair

    Import, uniquely backed dining chair available in 3 different leather colors. $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Tiffany dining chair

    Tiffany dining chair

    Dining Chairs

    American made dining chair with customizable wood, metal and cover options. $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Ellis side chairs

    Ellis side chairs

    Dining Chairs

    Italian made dining chairs that match the Ellis dining room collection. $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Vivian dining chair

    Vivian dining chair

    Dining Chairs

    American made dining chair with a unique shape and several custom cover and metal base options. $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Milady dining chair

    Milady dining chair

    Italian made and customizable in over 50 different fabrics, leathers and finishes. $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Mont Blanc dining chair

    Mont Blanc dining chair

    Italian made featuring light koto HG wood and dark eco leather. $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • 3204 dining bench

    3204 dining bench

    Dining Chairs

    This italian leather bench features customizeable wood and leather colors. We stock it to match the 0607 dining chairs. $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • 3204 dining side chair

    3204 dining side chair

    Dining Chairs

    This italian dining chair features customizable wood legs and leather. We stock this particular chair in croc skin embossed leather with dark chocolate wood legs. $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Genesis dining chair

    Genesis dining chair

    Dining Chairs

    $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Max II side chair

    Max II side chair

    Dining Chairs

    This is a leather dining chair with chrome legs. We stock it in dark, slate gray leather but it does come in several other colors. $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Wave dining chair

    Wave dining chair

    Dining Chairs

    This American made piece has a unique look with over 500 fabrics available for customization. $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Regal side chair

    Regal side chair

    Dining Chairs

    "A striking graphic cut-out back detail is the defining feature of this refined, elegant dining chair. The shimmering contoured champagne plated back and extra deep cushion ensure … $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Tall back Italian leather dining chair

    Tall back Italian leather dining chair

    Dining Chairs

    This Italian made dining side chair has fine, embossed leather, tall back and and a wide seat. It's available in 3 colors and the price is just right. $0.00 Currently Unavailable